Child Personal Injury Solicitor; Guide to Making a Claim
Child Personal Injury Solicitor; Guide to Making a Claim

Injuries to children are painful to even imagine because of their innocence. However, according to specialist child personal injury solicitor, negligence must be established and a compensation claim made on behalf of the child. The aim is to provide the child with an assurance for quality life and a reasonable future.

Here is a guide that makes it easy for you to make a reasonable claim on behalf of a child under your care.

The Accident

Injuries mostly result from accidents. The accidents happen because someone was negligent. The accident could result from toys, road accident, machinery or tools that were being used by the child. There is no limit on the cause of the accident as long as someone was responsible. The extent of injury is also not given much attention while filing a claim because the judge will determine the level of compensation. The narrative of the accident is important because it helps the judge to determine who was negligent to the extent of causing the injury.

The accident helps to establish the person who failed to use reasonable care. You can only make a claim if the injury was caused by the negligence of other people. If this negligence is shared, there is possibility of the compensation reducing or even being declined. The age of the child is not an issue as long as he or she is under the care of an adult.

Claim Deadline

How soon should you file an injury claim where a child is involved? Well, there limit is several years after the child has achieved the age of majority. This means two years after the 18th birthday. However, it is advisable that you make the claim as early as possible. This enables the judge and court to make a determination when the issue is still fresh and evidence available. The leeway for the child to reach the age of majority is provided to allow such a child to make a claim on his own other than depend on parents and guardians. Be reasonable on the timing for your claim to enable thorough evaluation and thus get the deserved compensation.

What To Present

The judge is interested in all the evidence that can be used to make the right determination. Provide a narrative of the accident, witnesses, reports by doctors, receipts and any other document that will support your claim. Evidence of disability or inability to continue living a normal life should also be provided. It helps in determining the compensation amount. Psychological pain can only be verified by expert witnesses. The figure claimed should enable the child to continue living a normal life or quality life despite the injuries. The can be increased or decreased depending on the evidence you have provided.

Do you need a solicitor?

The process of filing a claim for injuries to your child is not as hectic as one may think. However, experienced child personal injury solicitor understands the process and how to get the deserved compensation. Hire a solicitor to handle the case and provide guidance to enable you continue with your normal life and also get the deserved compensation. With reasonable charges and experience, Lawlor Partners provide the best personal injury solicitor services.