Steps to take When Filing a Personal Injury Claim
Steps to take When Filing a Personal Injury Claim

When an accident occurs, one is faced with a challenging and health breaking time. Accidents cause both physical and psychological problems to the patient. The first and most important thing is to seek proper medical attention and regain your health. When you are fully recovered, you can then start the process of seeking redress for the injuries you endured.

Below are steps to undertake with the help of a personal injury solicitor to file a reliable personal injury claim.

– Gather as much evidence as you can to show who or what caused and at what time the accident occurred. You can use photographs to add weight to your evidence. The evidence is what will be used in a court of law to establish whether your claim is worth and the extent of the damages. As such it is crucial to document all the details of the accident accurately.

– State the damages that you suffered as a result of the accident. Damages are not limited to physical injuries only, but also include other issues such as depression, separation from others or even loss of a job. Make sure to preserve your medical bills as they will be a key evidence for a successful personal injury claim.

– Your personal injury solicitor will collect and document a list of the witnesses to your accident. Get their full names, addresses, and contacts. You can talk to these witnesses to ensure you get collaborative evidence. Their contact information should also be true and accurate so that they can be easily reached when required in the course of the lawsuit.

– If the accident happened to you and other people, keenly listen and record their findings of the accident. Relying on your memory alone may not be effective due to factors such as pain. You may also be leaving out important details that would prove your case to ensure you protect your legal rights. As stated earlier, the evidence is key for a successful personal injury claim so these people will add more evidence to your case.

– Lastly, inform the people responsible for the accident your intentions to file a personal injury claim and any other damages caused by the accident. It is important to notify them early enough as delaying may weaken your case. Also, those responsible for the accident my rush to court to defend against a suit being taken against them. Notifying the culprits also opens room for out of court negotiations and settlement to ensure you are fully compensated the damages you suffered from the accident.



For a successful personal injury claim, there must be proved beyond any reasonable doubt that your injuries resulted from that particular accident. Make sure to collect timely and accurate evidence from photographs of the scene where the accident occurred, doctor’s reports and accounts from other people who witnessed the accident. Moreover, all evidence collected must satisfy that the accident happened; as a result negligence from those responsible. Time is also crucial in filing a personal injury claim, to ensure you get compensated for the damages suffered.