What Cyclists Need To Know About Road Traffic Accidents

People embrace cycling for different reasons; some cycle to work or school because they deem it faster while others cycle for pleasure. But, all cyclists are faced with road traffic risks and dangers that sometimes result from the lack of cooperation between cyclists and drivers on the roads. As such, traffic accidents do occur and the cyclists always bear serious injuries, loss or damage of their bicycles. This is where cycling accident claims solicitors come in handy. As a cyclist, you must file for claims or compensation after an accident and you need professional legal assistance.

What you need to know after a cycling accident

Cycling accidents are common and they occur in different ways. A driver may make the wrong turn, pull out of the wrong side or you may be at the wrong place and at the wrong time. Sometimes accidents occur because a motorist did not assess a cyclist’s speed accurately. Either way, the consequences are always serious for the cyclist. If a cyclist is involved in a road traffic accident where the blame is attributed to another person, they may be entitled to injury, damages or loss of property compensation.

Cycling accidents compensation also covers health issues that develop after the accident but they must result directly from the incident. Our cycling accident claims solicitors will assist at determining the extent of property and personal injuries sustained during the incident as well as the amount of compensation to seek for the same. Therefore, it is advisable to take in as much information about the accident scene as you can. Cycling accidents claims solicitors rely on such information to build a strong case that attracts the maximum possible compensation. So, if you are not very injured, try and record the scene using your mobile phone camera and record details like; car registration, time of day, witness contact details and a description of events that triggered the accident.

Cyclists’ safety measures

Though accidents may be inevitable, it is advisable for cyclists to adhere to a few safety measures that may reduce the severity and enhance safety. For example, cyclists are always required to wear helmets that protect their eyes from dust, harsh vehicle lightings and above all, prevent head injuries that may be fatal. It is also advisable to ride along the flow of other vehicles on traffic to avoid head-on collisions and avoid high-speed lanes. Always inspect your bike before riding to ensure that it is functioning maximally.


Cycling accidents may be complex and require the help of experienced legal professionals. At Lawlor Partners, our cycling accident claims solicitors are well-versed with handling different types of cycling accident cases. They focus on building strong cases in a bid to get the maximum possible compensation for our clients. Therefore, do not hesitate to reach out for help if you were recently involved in a road traffic accident while cycling.