Internet Defamation Lawyers in Ireland

The 2009 Defamation Act grants individuals or businesses that have been libeled as a result of internet defamation the right to take legal action in a bid to restore their damaged reputations as well as recover compensation for suffered injuries. However, internet defamation cases in Ireland require expert judgment and sensitivity. This means that there a number of factors that must be considered prior to filing for internet defamation cases to ensure that the case will be successful and worthwhile. This includes:

Before approaching internet defamation lawyers in Ireland, ensure that you have evidence that a libelous internet comment was made and published about you, your business or family. Meaning that, if you were only told by a third party that a libelous comment was made or written about you, but you lack evidence to support the claim, pursuing legal action would be a waste of time.

In addition, it must be proven that you, your business or family suffered adversities due to negative social media posts, comments, or blogs. For instance, if a person makes a derogatory comment about you but pulls it down after a few minute, the libelous publication may not have garnered sufficient exposure to warrant for an internet defamation claim.

Before resulting to take legal action, you must verify that the party you intend to sue has the financial capabilities to pay any compensation amount grated in your favor. If the party guilty of posting derogatory claims on the internet lacks the financial resources to settle a court awarded compensation, you may restore your damage public reputation but at a high legal fee.

Internet Defamation Compensation Settlements:

If you have gathered adequate libel evidence, can prove beyond reasonable doubt that you, your business or family suffered adversities as a result of the negative internet comments and the guilty party is financially capable to settle legal fees and court awarded compensation, the amount of compensation you receive depends on a few factors such as;

The nature and extent of the libel. Your internet defamation solicitors Dublin will consider the extent of the injury and adversities suffered due to the derogatory comments. The amount of time taken to pull down the libelous comments against you will also be considered when determining the amount of compensation you deserve. You may be awarded punitive damages if the libelous comment was published by an influential person in your business or personal community. Punitive damages are not determined based on the extent of damage caused; they are financial deterrents that are incurred to prevent the guilty party from posting libelous comments again.


A lot of pieces and fine details must be gathered in order to make a successful internet defamation claim in Ireland. Therefore, you require the services of defamation lawyers in Ireland who help you piece together your evidence, build a strong case, and restore your tainted public reputation.