Claims Filed by Employment Law Solicitors Dublin
Claims Filed by Employment Law Solicitors Dublin

Employment laws cuts across a wide range of employee’s rights and employers duties as regards to employees. Issues such as employment contracts, disciplinary and dismissal procedures, as well as health and safety issues at the workplace are all covered under employment law. 

Sometimes, employees are subjected to unfair treatment at their workplaces ranging from sexual harassment to unfair dismissal. Employment law solicitors Dublin assist employees whose rights have been infringed as explained below.

Sexual harassment at work

Sexual harassment at the workplace is an offense that violates an employee’s rights. It involves acts such as making unwanted comments of sexual nature, suggestive gestures, unnecessary body contact and flirting. The employee feels humiliated and degraded when subjected to sexual harassment.  Sexual harassment can take place once or as a continuation of particular behavior. It is important to report such incidents immediately and seek legal advice as time can limit the success of your claim.

Claims for unfair dismissal

Sometimes, employers dismiss employees without legitimate grounds calling for such a drastic action. Employment law shields employees from suffering the loss of employment without proper practices being followed. Employment law solicitors Dublin assist the aggrieved parties in seeking compensation due to unfair dismissal or breach of contract by the employer. The employer on their part must prove without reasonable doubt that the action was justified. It is crucial to seek legal advice as soon as possible since time constraints can weaken your case.

Claims for redundancy

Employment law guides on your rights and benefits in case your employer renders you redundant. Employers must follow the right laid down procedures when selecting employees legible for redundancy. If you are unfairly selected and hence dismissed from your job, you can claim for unfair dismissal. However, there must be proof enough that you were chosen wrongfully.

Claims for bullying and harassment

Bullying and harassment at the workplace infringe the character of the employee. Employers have to ensure all the employees are treated fairly with no room for bullying or any harassment. Incidents of harassment include unwanted jokes, provoking gestures and offensive words. Employment law protects employees against such actions and guides on how to file claims for violation of your rights.

Claims for work-related stress and personal injuries

Companies owe a duty of care to their workers to ensure the employees do not work under stress. As such, employers must maintain a safe and healthy working environment. If you suffer stress or an accident happen due to the negligence of your employer, you can file a claim for compensation for personal injuries. However, there must be convincing evidence that the accident occurred as a result of negligence on the part of the employer.


Employment law solicitors Dublin guides and gives advice to employers and employees on issues relating to employment. They also assist aggrieved employees seek legal redress when their rights are violated. Employees can claim for issues such as unfair dismissal, sexual harassment, redundancy, bullying and personal injuries from work-related issues.