Employment Law Solicitors Dublin: What Are You Entitled To?
Employment Law Solicitors Dublin: What Are You Entitled To?

Disputes at work can turn ugly especially when your rights are violated. Most people end up in the cold because they lack awareness of their rights and entitlements. Many rights slip out of your hands because of confusion and a feeling of vulnerability. The fact that you are an employee does not take away your rights. It is also not a reason to be blackmailed. 

Employment law solicitors Dublin steps in to ensure that your rights are preserved and protected.

There are specific legislations on employment in Ireland. The law stipulates that your dispute must be addressed by a particular resolution body like the Labor Court, Labor Relations Commission and Employment Appeals Tribunal, among others. While these institutions exist, certain conditions must be fulfilled.

  • – Your contractual period must be more than 12 months in order to claim unfair dismissal
  • – The tribunal will not help you recover legal costs
  • – Hearing and even a written decision might take time to be granted

These are just a few of the hurdles you have to clear before you get your employment issues resolved. The presentation you make before the court, commission or tribunal will also determine whether the ruling is in your favor. It is therefore advisable to engage experienced and specialist employment solicitors who understand labor laws in Ireland.

Employment Issues to Take To the Solicitor 

Anything causing a rift between you and your employer deserves the attention of dispute resolution bodies. Here are examples of cases that should be referred to the solicitor.

  • Breach of contract– did you current employer promise a better pay or terms at the beginning of your contract and has decided to back down? This is a ripe scenario where the solicitor will help. You may already have raised the issue with the employer and received negative feedback. This notwithstanding, your rights must be preserved. The conditions of the employment contract must be met with no excuse.
  • Flimsy dismissal grounds– at the point of dismissal, the employer is required to provide solid grounds. Further, these grounds must be legal and known to you. The employer cannot ambush you with a dismissal letter with reasons that have no history. This is especially on disciplinary ground where the employer must show warning letters and demands for correction of behavior. Dismissal applies whether you were recruited directly or through an agency. At termination, all your dues must also be paid.
  • Unreasonable dismissal– has your contract been terminated on health or medical grounds? The law prescribes the steps that need to be taken and your entitlement. Whether you are pregnant, got an injury or are affected by the work environment, the laws governing dismissal must be followed.

Every employee is protected by the law and has inalienable rights. If you feel that yours have been violated the assistance of a specialist solicitor will provide solace. This ensures that the time and efforts spent in employment are not wasted or taken advantage of.

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