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For most people, their home represents the largest financial investment they will make in their lifetime; for this reason, it is vital to ensure the conveyancing process is completed with precision.

At Lawlor Kiernan LLP, our conveyancing & Residential Property Solicitors team will work earnestly to complete your property transaction, but it is our policy not to trade speed for quality.  Our team understands the need to make in depth enquiries to find possible issues or information of which you should be aware  in relation to the property you are purchasing. Lawlor Kiernan LLP Solicitors offer our clients a diligent and professional service when it comes to buying and selling property.

What is the residential conveyancing process in Ireland?

Residential conveyancing refers to the formal process of buying or selling a property (e.g. a house or apartment) or land.  There are multiple steps involved in the process. In summary, they are as follows:

  • Sale is agreed between vendor and purchaser.
  • Vendor’s Solicitor sends the draft Contract of Sale to the purchasers Solicitor
  • Purchaser’s Solicitor will carry out a review of the title deeds and raise any queries with the Vendor’s Solicitor
  • Property will be surveyed by the purchaser
  • Purchaser’s Solicitor will give an undertaking to the lender that once funds are received, these will not be released until a ‘good marketable title’ is in place.
  • Contract of Sale will be signed by both parties – at this point, both parties are legally bound to continue with the sale/purchase.
  • Funds will be drawn down from the lender
  • Closing searches will be undertaken
  • Title documents and funds are then exchanged
  • Keys are released
  • Deed is stamped and sent to the Property Registration Authority.
  • An application is then made to the Property Registration Authority to register the Title in the name of the purchaser.

At Lawlor Kiernan LLP, we pride ourselves in our attention to detail.  Our conveyancing Residential Property Solicitors team has the ability to identify problems which on the surface may seem relatively minor, but if ignored could later cost you vast sums and cause considerable stress and anxiety.   Once you engage our residential conveyancing services, you can relax in the knowledge your transaction is in the best possible hands.


Commercial Property Solicitors

About Our Property department

Lawlor Kiernan LLP have a wealth of practical knowledge and experience handling commercial and residential property transactions for Irish and international clients.  We have represented individuals, businesses and organisations nationwide and abroad, whether first-time buyers or experienced property investors with vast portfolios.  From small apartments to large houses, offices, retail establishments, pubs and warehouses, our team has overseen the sale and purchase of every conceivable property type.

Our property Solicitors are proactive and approachable.  We have your best interests at heart and want to be part of your personal and business success.  It is our personal service which sets us apart from many other firms.


Our property services

Lawlor Kiernan LLP Residential Property Solicitors serves both individuals and commercial clients.

Our property services to individuals include:

  • Conveyancing – buying/selling/leasing of new and second-hand homes
  • Apartment schemes/management company structures
  • Title review
  • Finance, mortgages and re-mortgages
  • Stamp duty and taxation
  • Building contracts
  • Leases and landlord and tenant issues
  • Voluntary Transfers of land

Our commercial services include:

  • Sales and purchases of all types of commercial property
  • Commercial property development
  • Commercial leases
  • Landlord and tenant matters
  • Title reviews for large volume projects