Cycling Accidents
Cycling Accidents

Cycling is a leisurely and relaxing activity and an opportunity to enjoy the fresh outdoors. However, often accidents occur which are caused by negligence and mistakes of others. If you have been involved in an accident whilst cycling then please contact one of our skilled and experienced Personal Injuries Solicitors to ensure that you get the best advice in relation to any potential claim that you may have. Below are just some of the cases that our Solicitors have been successful in securing compensation for our clients.

Case Study 1

This case involved a Cyclist who was cycling to work. He took the same route everyday and was always cautious of the heavy traffic, especially during peak times. Just as he was approaching one junction the light turned green, giving him the right of way to proceed straight on. As he continued to do so he was suddenly hit from the left side by an oncoming vehicle. The driver of the vehicle had broken a red light and did not see the cyclist approaching the junction. Our client suffered injuries to his shoulder, wrist and his back. Thankfully, none of his injuries were life threatening but he was still left with soft tissue injuries which may effect him for several years to come. We were successful in reaching a settlement in excess of €30,000 which our client was very happy with.

Case Study 2

This case involved a lady who was out for a leisurely cycle in the park on a Saturday afternoon. She was cycling in the cycle lane when she was struck from behind by a car. The driver of the car explained that the sun was shining in her eyes and she had reached for her sunglasses when she swerved and collided with our client. Our client suffered a broken collar bone and was unable to work for a period of six weeks. We were successful in obtaining compensation for our client for her injuries as well as loss of earnings that she suffered from being unable to attend work.

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