How Much To Ask For Scars, a Guide By Scarring Injuries Solicitors Dublin
How Much To Ask For Scars, a Guide By Scarring Injuries Solicitors Dublin

Scars result from injuries and can dominate such sensitive parts of the body as the face to the point of making you uncomfortable. They also have the potential of limiting your career progression if you are engaged in the image sensitive professions. According to experienced scarring injuries solicitors Dublin, you should seek compensation for the damage caused. Almost all claims are paid except if your negligence caused the accident.

However, the challenge is how much you get and when you get it. Here is a guide that ensures that you get a reasonable compensation package.

  • — Nature Of The Scar

The scar may either be permanent or temporary. Permanent scars receive a higher compensation than temporary ones. It is assumed that the damage done by permanent scars cannot be reversed and will therefore have a longer term effect on your life. Once a temporary scar disappears, you can resume your normal activities.

Nature of the scar will also be viewed in terms of whether it is a flat pale scar, keloid scar or scar contractures. The flat and pale scars are not pronounced. This means that the person continues with his normal activities. Their effect is usually emotional and psychological. The compensation might not be much. Keloid scars are usually raised on the skin. When they happen around joints and such sensitive areas, they end up being extremely painful. For contractures, their damage is heavy. They may even cause problems with movement. This means that compensation has to be more to cover for the losses.

  • — Age

Scars on children are considered traumatizing compared to scars on adults. A child has a long life to live, meaning that a scar causes more damage than to an old man. It will affect his prospects such as careers to take an even his or her ability to socialize. The figure goes down significantly as the victim ages.

  • — Effect On Your Body

The nature of a scar determines whether you will be compensated or not. There are people working in the image business like modeling and journalism, you could claim more because scars will spell doom for your career.

What to Present When Making A Scar Claim

The judge needs to be convinced that you suffered loss as a result of the scars. This loss should be quantified. A solid claim should include evidence that the scar is as a result of the accident. This includes reports made to authorities like police and medical treatment sort. You must also provide evidence that the person against whom you are making the claim was negligent. You must also provide evidence confirming the severity of your scar. The judge can see that you have a scar. However, he does not know how deep it is and whether it will heal. Medical reports are important in such a case.

Why Hire Scarring Injuries Solicitors Dublin

The judge will still listen to you when you make a claim. However, scarring solicitors with experience like Lawlor Partners will help you make a comprehensive claim. Their claim will include all documents required. Their experience helps you to get the deserved compensation that will cater for lifetime losses.