Practice areas AIB Tracker Mortgage Overcharging

Many of AIB’s customers who have been overcharged have recently received a second redress and compensation letter.

We are representing AIB customers in High Court cases who feel the decision of the FSPO doesn’t go far enough. We are seeking Orders from the High Court that our clients are entitled to the last available tracker interest rate margin (1.5% + ECB) before AIB unlawfully withdrew same for customers that had contractual entitlements to a tracker interest rate. 

We are also representing clients in cases against AIB who have lost their family home or an investment property as a result of the overcharging.

Common Questions & Answers

  1. Q. We accepted AIB’s offer of compensation and their ‘prevailing tracker interest rate’. Is there any legal remedy open to us at this stage?
    A. Yes, even if you accepted the compensation offered and ‘prevailing tracker interest rate’, you can still pursue AIB for additional compensation and to be put on the correct tracker margin.
  2. Q. If I want my mortgage account reviewed by a solicitor, what should I do?
    A. Please contact us and we will obtain a copy of your mortgage file and advise you.

If you have received a letter of Redress and Compensation or a similar letter from AIB, please contact our Niall Kiernan on or 01 872 5255.