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Since 2010, the Central Bank has been looking into tracker-related issues with various lenders. Following an industry-wide review carried out by the Central Bank in 2015, it was decided to formally implement the Tracker Mortgage Examination. The review revealed that all the main banks, Permanent TSB, Bank of Ireland, AIB, EBS, Ulster Bank, and KBC had or were overcharging customers on their mortgages. The overcharging occurred when the banks (i) denied customers a tracker interest rate or (ii) put customers onto the incorrect tracker interest rate margin.

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Individuals affected by tracker mortgage overcharging can get unbiased and fair advice from tracker mortgage solicitors. Lawlor Kiernan LLP is the leading legal and tax firm where you can consult one of the best tracker mortgage solicitors in Dublin. If you are also a victim of tracker-related issues, contact us today.

Are You a Victim of Tracker Mortgage Overcharging?

A tracker mortgage entitles you to a set margin of interest based on the European Central Bank’s main interest rate. If the bank has charged you more interest than agreed upon, resulting in higher repayments, this would be a violation of your mortgage contract. You may be able to seek compensation and redress for this breach with the help of a tracker mortgage solicitor in Dublin, Ireland.

Furthermore, your tracker mortgage solicitor will also identify grounds to pursue claims of negligence, unfair terms, and unjust enrichment against the bank if they have failed to comply with the terms of your mortgage contract.

If you have been forced to relinquish your home or other property through legal proceedings or the appointment of a receiver, or if you sold or gave up your property because you were unable to keep up with mortgage repayments that were unfairly inflated due to excessive interest charges, you can still seek advice on your options from tracker mortgage solicitors in Dublin. To discuss your situation in strict confidence, you can contact Lawlor Kiernan to provide you with detailed advice on your situation.

Did Your Bank Offer Redress or Compensation?

Even if you have received redress and compensation, you can still pursue the banks for additional compensation. In many instances, the compensation paid by the banks is inadequate and more importantly, the tracker interest rate margin may be incorrect.

Why Contact Us If You Have Been Impacted by Tracker Mortgage Overcharging?

Although progress in pursuing cases against banks for tracker mortgage issues has been slow and challenging, our experience as tracker mortgage solicitors in handling the cases of tracker mortgage overcharging has enabled us to quickly evaluate our clients cases, determine appropriate compensation levels, and advise whether it would be worth pursuing
legal action.

We believe that most banks’ calculation of overcharges is biased in their favor, and the compensation offered by them may not be sufficient. While we have helped our clients secure compensation through the bank’s appeals process, we think that the Courts should determine appropriate compensation levels in a pro-consumer manner.

If you choose us to be your trusted tracker mortgage solicitors in Dublin, we can investigate your claim, challenge the bank, and work to maximize your compensation.

Lawlor Kiernan has been representing overcharged customers since 2015 and acted in the Geraghty v Permanent TSB test case which we successfully settled prior to the trial. For further information in relation to that case, please click on the following link:

How Much Compensation Might I Be Entitled to Due to Tracker Mortgage Overcharging?

As of July 2019, the Central Bank of Ireland reported that lenders had paid out a total of €683 million in redress and compensation for tracker-related cases, and about 40,100 accounts have been identified by lenders as impacted by overcharging-related issues.

Under contract law, redress payments are meant to restore affected customers to the position they would have been in had the breach of contract not occurred. This includes correcting interest rates and refunding any overpayments resulting from the lender’s error.

The redress payment should also consider that the customer was unable to access those funds during the relevant period. Compensation payments are intended to compensate affected customers for the harm they suffered and are separate from the redress payment. With the help of a tracker mortgage solicitor in Dublin, Ireland, you can get the compensation not what the bank decides but what you deserve.

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